Life is but a breath.

Photo:  Downtown Billings, MT 9/21/14

Here in Montana throughout the streets of Billings there are rabbits and little bunnies hopping across your path as you walk for any distance at all. Paul and I are always reminded of “Rabbit Trail”! It is a good thing to check your life compass periodically and ask yourself, “Am I on the right path?” “Is this the best way I can be using my “breath”. “Have I taken a “Rabbit Trail” in my life”? Sometimes we’re not sure.

My life is a breath. What are you going to do with your breath? This is the time of year to contemplate such matters and take it to our Heavenly Father. He knows! Father knows best! If you don’t know go direct  ~ He has the perfect answer just for you! And if you don’t know the Heavenly Father and have not been made a new creation through faith in His son Jesus Christ, Yehoshua or Yeshua the Messiah, well very simply ask Messiah to make himself real to you because you want to know Him and what to do with “Your Breath” … He Will Respond My Friend!

As for Paul and I, well like the picture above we are headed on a path straight ahead and we are not going to look to the right or the left, our work is in the Mission Field of people, people who need a savior and a hope.

Job 7:7           Remember that my life is a breath! …

Psalm 150:6   Let all that have breath praise Yah. Praise Yah!

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