Supernatural Provision While in Israel ~ a short story

Photo Above: We captured this photo at “The United Congregation of Israelites”,  one of the oldest Synagogues in the Caribbean, city of Kingston, Jamaica 2013.
Passover 2011 Paul and I were in Israel. This had been our dream for many years. We “suddenly” decided it was the year to go. After lots of quick research, a trip was planned then a month later we were in Israel. Again, it was all by faith ~ we didn’t speak fluent Hebrew, we didn’t go with a tour group, we didn’t really have any long-term reservations but we knew in our Spirit Abba would lead and guide us. Our budget was small but we had peace about everything. We were in awe when our plane landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel. Sure enough many miracles transpired on this journey and we had many divine appointments from Yah.
One of the funnier supernatural provisions stories of this trip was when we were in the Mediterranean city of Netanya. At Passover all of Israel gets booked up and after arriving in the Land Abba provided one of the cheapest places in all of Israel for us to stay and it happened to be on the Mediterranean to our amazement! Then we thought we were going to have an IRS deposit sent to our account in the States and it didn’t happen and that was part of our budget! We traveled with no phone, were in a foreign land and had enough cash for about $10.00 food money per day and our stay was for 6 weeks.

picture of shekel  - Stack of israeli banknotes with fifty shekel note on top - JPG

Well we had what we call a “Yah Moment”. Both of us prayed then Paul went down to the square outside our hotel room to mingle with the people. I stayed in the hotel room and cried out to Yah. “Oh, help us Father our provider” type crying out! Well, within minutes of our prayer Paul came back to our room  laughing. It was raining and he said as he walked he kept trying to get this paper off the bottom of his shoe and couldn’t! He finally reached down and pulled it off and low and behold it was a 50.00 Shekel Note! I laughed and laughed. Oh, the joy in our hearts to experience hope & faith in action! As the scripture says, “Psalm 28:6 Blessed be יהוה, because He has heard the voice of my prayers!”
Our Heavenly Father has such a great sense of humor and supernaturally provides in the most creative ways! We had been weeks without hot food or meat and boy was the thought of a hot meal exhilarating! We celebrated indeed ~ and savored a hot meal provided from heaven!

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