Life on the Road ~ Reunions in Florida to Planes, Buses & Cabs

Photo Above:  On three Shabbats we gathered at Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation, of S.W.  FL & had a reunion of friendships made many, years of Shabbats ago! It was so special to fellowship with old and new friends ~ brethren in Messiah!
Pack, unpack, pack, hmmm, “how do I count the ways”? Since leaving Montana October 20th, (3 weeks) we have packed & unpacked 8 times. Just thought I would throw that little stat in for those that are toying with the thought of traveling longer term or living on that road of faith. Luke 14:28 …. “count the cost”! ….
I say that in gest! We have committed our lives to minister the Good News & all that it encompasses with great joy.

1st Time Sounding a Shofar

Precious was the best way to describe hearing a Central American born woman named Sandy sound our shofar. While in Florida we had her and her children over for a slide presentation of our travels one evening and Paul brought out our shofar. She asked to sound it and she immediately hit the most amazing notes! She was so excited she praised our Father! As a young girl her and her family always wished they could have the opportunity to sound a shofar after hearing about it in the scriptures. She exclaimed with such joy ~ she blessed us all.
Sandy's Children
We have a very special fellowship  group in South Florida we have gathered with for three years when we travel in & out of the area heading to Central & South America. We have had such fun being with these brothers and sisters. They are steadfast in their studies of Torah & following Y’Shua.  During this past visit one of the topics we discussed was “The Shemitah”. The discussions were certainly thought-provoking! Prior to meeting these folks we had prayed that Abba would help us find true believers in the area and we’re truly blessed that the Ruach led us to these people ~ they are special.
Paul & I were also blessed to be with family members too during our three weeks to catch up on the lives of our loved ones before heading out to Central America. It was a special time and we thank Yah for it!  Now for the 3:17 a.m. alarm to go to the airport, board two planes traveling back across the U.S. then a cab, an eight hour bus ride and one more cab to our Hostel in Panama for our first night! Then it is another morning cab, a short hour ride on literally a “school bus”, one more cab and we are to our casita (small house) in Panama!
Now yep,  you got it ~ we unpack one more time! Faith Walkin at its’ best!

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