Shabbat Shalom from Panama!

Above Photo:  Our front porch in Panama!

Psa 66:19 Truly, Elohim has heard me; He has given heed to the voice of my prayer.

Our trip from Florida to Panama with all the autos, planes, buses & cabs was blessed from heaven! Thank you individually for your prayers and support; you enabled our trip to be logistically, physically and spiritually wonderful! It was a long journey with every leg of the trip timed to perfection! Thank you and gracias for your part!

Stories~ we already have stories to share and we’ll share with you soon! But for now we say, “Hola & Shabbat Shalom from Panama”! We hope that your Shabbat will be blessed with the presence of YHWH & Y’Shua & you will be physically & spiritually refreshed in this gift of the Sabbath!

We have sounded the shofar from Panama this Shabbat and when we did there was another shofar sounding  … as if as an echo of ours & was from a Panamanian ~ that was sweet to our ears. Yah is Good, indeed. Shabbat Shalom!

3 Comments on “Shabbat Shalom from Panama!

  1. Is that a papaya plant that doesn’t require an extension tool 2 reach the fruit? If u can just reach & pick, that’s a double blessing. Eating papaya before venturing to areas with noxious plants like poison ivy is supposed 2 help prevent the skin problem those cause. Hugs 2 y’all.

    • Yes, these trees are about 7′ or so and you can reach the fruit with your hands! We enjoy pina (pineapple) & papaya together. Pina & papaya are about $1.00 each at the open market. They are a staple in our casita!

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