Monthly Archives: March 2015

Photo: Deep in the mountains of the rainforest of Southern Ecuador the cattle graze in tall grasses.   We passed the halfway point of this Shemitah Year which is a fitting time to repost!  What’s a Shmita?!  This is a short “story” about the Sabbatical Year or Shmita people around the globe are talking about. This piece will help you understand just how this could possibly apply to you! May this challenge and bless your… Read More

Perrita the Panama Puppy!  How do puppies find water to drink in Panama when there isn’t a steam close by? We’ll give you a peek! This puppy’s mother was a recused dog from the mountains. The mother is a malamute with striking blue eyes. Someone had slashed the mother’s throat. Thank goodness she was found, rescued and adopted by a nice Panamanian family who are friends of ours. The mother had a… Read More