Peek of Panama ~ It’s a Pup!

Perrita the Panama Puppy!

 How do puppies find water to drink in Panama when there isn’t a steam close by? We’ll give you a peek!

Panama Pup

This puppy’s mother was a recused dog from the mountains. The mother is a malamute with striking blue eyes. Someone had slashed the mother’s throat. Thank goodness she was found, rescued and adopted by a nice Panamanian family who are friends of ours. The mother had a litter of pups and that is where “Perrita” came from. We were told Perrita means, small, female dog in Spanish. This is the name given to the pup by the Panamanian family

Panama Pups 3

Notice the eye color of Perrita ~ one is brown and one is blue! Her eyes kind of match her cute personality. She’s actually a tough little puppy, always being trained by her Malamute Momma!


Puppy 2

One day we watched the puppy play around the grounds which are covered with exotic flowers and plants. The dog’s water bowls were empty. Perrita scouted about the property investigating various flowers. She was so funny during her investigation we had to get the camera. As we got closer we captured photos of what she was up to! Perrita was scavenging for water in the flower cups! In these photos this particular plant was full of water at the bottom and it was “bottoms-up” by our little Perrita as she drank her fill from the plants of Panama!

Panama Perrita 4

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