Let Go & Soar!



It is not too late to be set free. Bondage is torment beyond words. Don’t stop wanting to be free, because the truth is,  you can be free…



And He drew me Out of the pit of destruction, Out of the muddy clay, And He set my feet upon a rock, He is establishing my steps.  (Psalms 40:2)


Then He put a new song in my mouth; Praise to our Elohim; Many do see it and fear, And trust in יהוה.  (Psalms 40:3) 


I have the testimony of being set free from horrendous bondages of many faces that held me hostages for many, many years. The above verses are reality to me. The scriptures are real, living & the Spirit of our Heavenly Father is literally in the words of the Bible. Messiah is the way to make your freedom from bondages a reality. Talk to him. He is as close to you as your breath. Let go of your bondage & soar. Yeshua will help you!


1. slavery or involuntary servitude; serfdom.   2. the state of being bound by or subjected to some external power or control.

Above Photos:

Tree swing on the mountain, North Carolina / Rainbow over Volcan Baru Volcanoe, Boquette, Panama





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