A Dream in March

I had a dream last Saturday night, March 12, 2016. I clearly sensed in my spirit the dream was an exhortation as well as a warning. To those who have ears to hear ~~ hear!

The “warning” part was the actual date March 22. I am assuming it is March 22, 2016. I don’t have any other information about this date. If any of you know or perceive something about this date please let me know!

During the night I was given two witnesses of:  MAR 22.  I actually saw this written in two different dreams the evening of March 12th. I remember thinking in the dream that I needed to look in my bible to see what Mark 22 had to say. Well, there is no Mark Chapter 22 so I believe it leads me to the bible passage of Mark Chapter 2 verse 2 which states:

Mark 2:2

And so many gathered together, that there was no more room, not even at the door. And He spoke the Word to them.


There will be some gatherings that get so crowded in the days ahead because the actual WORDS written in the Bible will be spoken, preached & proclaimed! Ruach haKodesh [the Holy Spirit] fills the Words themselves & the POWER in the Words will result in people coming to true repentance & experiencing the weightiness of The Almighty! People cannot resist the presence of our Heavenly Father ~ it is pure completeness.


Photo:  The afternoon light was almost healing while strolling along the river, February 2016, TN


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