Dream: Heavenly Messenger Comes to Visit

An Angel or Messenger from Heaven visited in this dream…

A Parable of Ginseng Hunting ~ “Sengin” … searching for “Forest Gold”.

We don’t like leaning on our own understanding and are so thankful our Heavenly Father gives us instruction! We often pray about timing and what our next assignments will be. This type of praying for us has been ongoing for 22 years.

Rev 3:20 “See, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I shall come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.

The evening of September 1, 2018 a dream was given to our household. I (Barbara) was intently reading and studying the Book of Revelation again for the second time in about a month. The day before I had just read chapter 3 and prayed over Paul & I that for the rest of our lives we would be able to continue to help lead many, many people to righteousness and continue to walk in the ways and love of Messiah.
I had prayed and Paul was given the dream. In Paul’s dream a man with white hair, a long white beard, wearing a robe & belt and with sandals on his feet came into our home. We call him “the messenger”. He has instructed us for years.

Rev 3:7 “And to the messenger of the assembly in Philadelphia write, ‘He who is set-apart, He who is true, He who has the key of Dawiḏ, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens,

Rev 3:8 “I know your works – see, I have set before you an open door, and no one is able to shut it – that you have little power, yet have guarded My Word, and have not denied My Name.

Rev 3:9 “See, I am giving up those of the congregation of Satan, who say they are Yehuḏim and are not, but lie. See, I am making them come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you.

Rev 3:10 “Because you have guarded My Word of endurance, I also shall guard you from the hour of trial which shall come upon all the world, to try those who dwell on the earth.

Rev 3:11 “See, I am coming speedily! Hold what you have that no one take your crown.

Rev 3:12 “He who overcomes, I shall make him a supporting post in the Dwelling Place of My Elohim, and he shall by no means go out. And I shall write on him the Name of My Elohim and the name of the city of My Elohim, the renewed Yerushalayim, which comes down out of the heaven from My Elohim, and My renewed Name.

Rev 3:13 “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies.”

The Dream

In the dream the front door is wide open and the heavenly messenger sits down in a leather chair next to the front door. Paul is seated in the leather chair next to the messenger. This is in our living room. I am on the couch facing Paul and the messenger and even our dog is on the floor watching. We are all intently looking at the messenger waiting to hear what he has to tell us ~ the door stays wide open the entire time.

The Heavenly Messenger’s Words

He spoke these words, “Remember when you gathered ginseng? You used it and shared it. Keep doing this.”

In the physical … This was a loaded Word for us. We were in South Florida and there is no ginseng in South Florida. So, it would mean a move to a northern state. You hunt ginseng in the mountainous areas. We would need to move back close to the mountains. We love the north & the mountains, yay. Ginseng is legally harvested in the fall months around August & September. We wanted to be in Florida to be close to my mother who seemed to be in her last years of life. The suggestion of the dream implied a move back north was in our future but we did not understand the timing ~ yet. This however, was an answer to our earlier prayers, yay.

In the spiritual … Wow, this message to us is about “harvesting”. The dream answered our prayers about our assignments. We all see how the world is changing rapidly. The pages of prophecy are turning with great speed. It is imperative that we all know what is important for us to be doing. Messiah is returning sooner than later. It is paramount to know what the most profitable endeavor we can be involved in as we watch and pray for Messiah’s return. We often seek council from Yahuah about this. The dream gave confirmation about assignments and timeline for us and I believe also for the Body of Messiah. Think “harvest”.

The spiritual interpretation of the Messenger’s Word for us:

Ginseng is referred to as “Forest Gold”. It is said by others to have great value. It is said by others ginseng can prosper folks as well as cause healing in their bodies. It is said by others to “re-energize the Body”. It is desired by people around world.

Paul and I harvest it legally. We follow all the laws concerning harvesting and using it. We do this in different ways probably than most folks. Here is an example of the last time we harvested ginsing:

We began looking and observing months before harvest time. We prayed and asked Yahuah to show us where we could find ginseng on the 50 acre property we were living on. We’d walk through the woods searching for the distinct leaf patterns of the ginseng plants. This is difficult because there are so many “fake you out look-a-like” plants. [As there are so many fake you out look-a-like meanings to scripture.] This was all part of the process and created a sense of anticipation. We continued to search and observe for months long before it was time to harvest. We refreshed our memories with pictures of the plant, its’ flowers, seeds and we continued to pray.

By the time harvest season arrived we were very eager. Paul sounded the shofar high above the mountain sides and we prayed again for help from heaven. We went out with our bags, diggers and walking sticks. I remember singing in the Spirit loud in the woods as we climbed upward. Paul prayed as we climbed the steep mountain sides that I would be the one to find “the mother load”.

On that crisp fall day shortly after Paul prayed I screamed with delight! It is like catching that great big fish! I indeed found a “mother load plant”, large majestic and a ball of red berries in plain sight but at the same time hidden amongst the foliage! Within minutes that day we found eight amazing plants. With each plant the process began of clearing away any weeds or debris that clung to or cluttered the plant. Then ever so carefully first with our fingers then our digger we gently dug around the stalk. This continued as we felt for the roots. We had to be so careful to clear all the earth off the roots before pulling it out of the ground. The goal is to get the entire root system out all intact and whole. Each plant can be a tedious but exciting process of harvest! The air was crisp, the skies were brilliant blue and just the two of us on the mountain giddy with laughter and shouting with victory and joy!

Later that day we brushed the dirt off the plants and laid them out on wood grates to dry out. Many days later we brushed off more dirt and put the completely dried plants in glass jars. Paul and I used some of the ginseng right away. Later we shared our “special roots” with others, “for free”. Freely we acquired and Freely we gave.

The spiritual interpretation of the Messenger’s Word

Ginseng is referred to as “Forest Gold”. It is said by others to have great value. It is said by others ginseng can prosper folks as well as cause healing in their bodies. It is said to “re-energize the Body”. It is desired by people around world.

Are you getting the picture of the parable yet? Ginsing in this parable could be likened to the Word of Elohim [God] and is used in the harvest of people [souls] into the Kingdom of Elohim/God, The Kingdom of Heaven.

The Word of Elohim/God has value physically & spiritually. The Word has wealth greater than rubies and gold. It has everything to do with wealth, healing, the re-energizing of the Body and the “Harvest of Souls”.

We are to continue to do this. Use the Word of Elohim, share the Word of Elohim and actively work towards the “harvest souls” into the Kingdom of Elohim.

The Word: Use it, Share it & Work in the Harvest. Continue now to do this end time work while it is still day. Night is coming when no one is able to work!

Photo by Yahstix: North Carolina 2015


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