Calling the Body of Messiah to Pray For Katy to be healed from a Massive, Face Tumor

February 19, 2015  Update

This past week was Carnival in Panama. It is a time for family gatherings & visiting friends, fireworks & celebrations. We spoke to Katy’s relatives and asked about her. We were told her face hurt very bad and it felt like something had bitten it. Thank you for remembering this woman in your prayers. This I know ~ it is good for us to keep praying for her healing & deliverance. We thank you from our hearts for your prayers & intercession on behalf of this wife & mother of 5: Katy Rodriguez of Dolega, Panama.


February 11, 2015 Update
One of Katy’s 5 daughters rode the bus with her grandfather to meet us and pick-up fresh alkaline water we had for her.  The young daughter is sweet and thanks Paul & me over & over every time she sees us…
This was the first time we met Katy’s father. To look into his eyes is to look at a very, long life ~ not necessarily an easy one. He was a head shorter than us and had a traditional, straw Panama hat on. We could see joy in this father. He went on and on and we couldn’t understand what he was saying in rapid Spanish, however we do know it was all about gratitude. I really want you to know he was expressing gratitude not just to Paul and me but to you out there in the nations that are praying for this Panamanian woman who was at the end of Hope. We used a translator to convey to Katy many times that we had asked people who read our website to pray with us for her. I truly believe this was what Katy’s father was expressing gratitude about. And, the fact that strangers wanted to help her. May our heavenly father richly bless you all that continue to intercede for Katy from Dolega, Panama to be healed! Thank you.

Katy’s UPDATE: February 9, 2015 Update ~ Please Continue to Pray!

We explained to Katy that our bodies can heal if we put the right things in our bodies. But even more important than food & water was for her to believe that her savior wants her healed.

Katy is still drinking Kangen Water 2.5 Alkaline three times a day and drinking Kangen Water 8.5 Alkaline all throughout the day. We asked her if she would refrain from all soft drinks & eat fruits, vegetable, beans, brown rice, chicken, clean fish and high alkaline foods. The only medicine the doctors have given Katy is Tylenol for the pain. Katy refrained from even taking the Tylenol [on her own accord]. She reported that she’s been in a lot of pain and exhibiting detoxification.

We let Katy know there are people all over the world praying for her. Hopefully this will make her faith alive and give her the hope needed to press on & believe!

The tumor has been on Katy’s face for approximately 15 years. It is about the size of a coconut and comes to a point. It is large especially on her small frame. Please continue to pray with us for Katy to be free of pain, detox quickly & be delivered from this tumor. Thank you so very much!


(Luke 8:50) And יהושע, having heard, answered him, saying, “Do not be afraid, only believe, and she shall be healed.”


Please help us ~ please pray! Katy is a 40 year old Panamanian who lives in Dolega, Panama. She has a tumor over half of her face that protrudes out. Two times she has been on the operating table and then the doctors decided not to do the surgery to remove the tumor. The doctors have said there is nothing for them to do!

The tumor is not cancerous. It is about half of the size of her entire head ~ big. Her husband is a non-believer and she is the mother of five girls.  Katy is losing her hope. Paul & I have a Kangen Water business and we have prayed that our Heavenly Father would use this as a platform for us to minister ~ however He chooses!

We currently make Kangen Water and hand carry it to an organization that helps the 12 local schools feed the school children (this is not the responsibility of the local government). We have been giving the two Panamanian women who are the liaisons between the donors of food and the actual school system and kids. They have felt such a difference in their health since they started drinking the water they asked if we could help one of their sisters “Katy” with her health. Paul and I agreed to meet with Katy and help her understand good food choices & drinking Kangen Water that is beneficial to the body. Then, they told us about her tumor…

They asked me (Barbara) if the water could help her body rid the tumor. I said I could not state that, but we believed God can heal and deliver her from that tumor. We asked if they agreed that Jesus/Yeshua could do this. “Oh, yes,” they said and agreed He could! We said we would help educate her about diet and water and then would pray for her. The two ladies agreed to be a part of the meeting and taking this before God in prayer and asking for her healing. They said yes and are so excited!


Sounding the Trumpet Ecuador

Sounding The Trumpet


Katy, a 40 year old Panamanian woman who believes in God is anticipating 2 Gringos praying for her healing and explaining the importance of eating healthy foods and drinking good, clean water! She comes from a hard background and we DESIRE TO HELP HER HOPE AGAIN and are believing for the promises of Messiah and our Heavenly Father that she can be healed & receive Salvation! So along with all of you praying, it is Paul and I and one Mormon lady & the other I think is Catholic. We all agreed the Messiah of Israel can cause Katy to be healed.

We will meet Katy Wed, February 4, 2015 at 1pm Eastern for the first time to counsel & pray for her.  We’ll continue to work with Katy & believe for her restoration. Please join us and keep praying for this broken woman to be whole in all areas of her life. May YHWH/God be glorified thru the Body of Messiah praying, believing and doing His word because it is our passion and because we love HIM.

Please put this request out there wherever you can! Thank you, Gracias, Love,

Paul and Barbara Allen


Scripture:  The Scriptures 1998+

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