Donations & Gifts

Consider supporting us by purchasing your “Non-psychoactive” Hemp Oil for humans & pets from us.


Please note we do not promote THC that is found in Marijuana plants. We are sold out on CBD found in Hemp Oil that is derived from the Hemp stems and stalk. The oil we love is lab tested at many stages before it gets to our door step and into our body ~ rest assured! There is virtually no traceable amounts of THC.
Checkout our website and dig around the scientific data ~ you will be amazed! Prime My Body Hemp Oil is the most bio-available (absorbed & utilized) Hemp Oil in the world!
Thank you for your support for the work we do. Our Heavenly Father has put amazing people in our lives that have been generous and kind in helping us in various ways to do our work these past years. We thank you in advance for your  prayers & support. We are “Faith Walkers”! We love feeding the physically & spiritually “hungry people of the world” and your generous support helps make this possible!


To Support Us … Purchase Hemp Oil products for humans & animals!
Or contact us:  Paul & Barbara Allen


Photo Above: This picture tells the story of a family of street kids in southern Ecuador. We fed them dinner & when we were finished eating the boy asked if he could have the chicken bone on my plate. I told him yes and he proceeded to break it in two, gave one half to his sister and they eat every last sliver of meat from between the bones! We left the restaurant and the children continued to follow us down the street. We saw a small shop that had an ice cream box and we asked them if they would like to have some. They were so excited! Then we pulled out our camera and they laughed and wanted us to take a “photo” of them with us and so we did!




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