Please see the most recent post listed above! Even the scholars are split on this one! I first bring up that Hemp certainly is a seed bearing plant, yes. Now as far as the debate of it really being part of the priestly anointing oil of Exodus, well I am not entirely sold on that. I understand as some have shown, the mistranslation but I will be searching this out more before coming to my personal conclusion!

Please note we do not promote THC that is found in Marijuana plants. We are sold out on CBD found in Hemp Oil that is derived from the Hemp stems and stalk. The oil we love is lab tested at many stages before it gets to our door step and into our body ~ rest assured!

Please checkout my website and dig around the scientific data ~ you will be amazed! Prime My Body Hemp Oil is the most bioavailable Hemp Oil in the world. Some search engines are making it difficult at times to get to my websites. [?]


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