Awake, awake, quickly awake.

Enoch 104:4

Be hopeful, and do not abandon your hope because there shall be a FIRE for you, you are about to be making a *great rejoicing like the malakim of shemayim.

Yahstix is back! We have been through such a transformation we even have a new name ~ we are YahstixFIRE. There is much to share! Our prayer has been, “Father, where do we even begin? Please give us the Words of Life for your children who are ready to hear.” The one with Fire In His Eyes has & will continue to strengthen us as we walk on the path of this new journey! CLING to Him. We were formed in our mother’s womb’s for the days ahead if we will just be ready!

Awake, awake, quickly awake and be hopeful!




*great joy like the Angels of Heaven [all emphasis by Yahstix]
Manuscript: I ENOCH , SKY – T ripper The True Names, True Terms Translation Accounting for the Coptic Notes, as well as The English Translations of Isaac and Laurence & the Latest Editions of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Excising redundancies and clarifying errors, yet Leaving the names, titles & technical terms of the Hebrew standing.
Photo by Yahstix:  Tennessee Countryside, Spring 2017

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