Kangen Water ~The Future of Water is Here! To Life.

To help with the costs of “Living on the Road” we are now Distributors of Kangen Water. Technically we are U.S. Distributors but we can sell from anywhere in the world! If any of you are interested in “Change your water ~ Change your life™” please let us know!

We are in so many different cities & countries we know the importance of drinking clean water. And to take it a step further to stay strong & healthy to travel, we know the importance of drinking a high PH water.

It is only recently we discovered the amazing affects of Kangen Water that is also micro-clustered, ionized & a liquid anti-oxidant water! Our increased energy level was the first change we experienced!

Our bodies were created to be healed if we will only put the right things in our bodies! We are over 70% liquid and it is vital that are bodies are not high acidic liquid so they can heal! We have so much to share on this topic ~ soon to follow!

Hey our Distributor I.D. for Kangen Water is:  6808337 If any of you decide to order a machine please use our Distributor I.D. Number 6808337! Their business model is wonderful and it will certainly help in the year ahead! We thank you in advance and look forward to working with you if you too decide to do the business. We can do this together from around the world! Of course we don’t buy, sell or work on Shabbat but other than that we are available! To check out the machines & company: https://www.enagic.com/  For a You Tube Video to explain the properties of Kangen Water: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XVGi2wW-KQ

The Japanese have been drinking this water for many years! The List of Countries by life expectancy ~ by the United Nations (2005-2010) states the Japanese rank #1 as having the greatest longevity of all nations! The U.S. is ranked #38 and Panama is ranked #57 …  You have to check this out!

Change your water ~ Change your life!

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