Listen, Understand & Be Ready!

Are you ready? Are you ready for life as we know it possibly changing without notice? Are you ready for what lies ahead after this life? Seriously, are you really ready? Well if you are, Halleluyah!

Please listen and understand these words that are being made known to you! Life as we know it day to day & life itself could change without notice. We are walking out bible prophecy on earth these days.

If you’re not ready stop now & repent, cry out to your heavenly father,  Yahuah [Yahweh/Yahuweh] just using your own words from your heart and ask to be forgiven from your sins in the Name of His son, Yahusha [Yeshua/Yahushua/Yehoshua/Jesus]. Tell him you want Him to be the Master of your life and for Him to establish the plans for the rest of your life on this earth and to teach you His ways. Thank Him for receiving you into the Family of the Kingdom of Elohim [God] which is a family forever & eternity.
Now run back towards Yahuah [Yahweh/Yahuweh] ~ quickly! Turn from the path you used to be on that was leading you to physical & spiritual destruction. You know those paths I’m talking about. There are two paths one leading to life eternal & one leading to the lake of fire and torment. Well that is to put it very bluntly my friend because it is late to be playing around with your eternal fate. The Messiah of Israel, Savior sent from Heaven doesn’t want to lose you for eternity. He wants you to be with Him because He loves you and you are so very important to Him.
It is time ~ you are being called. Return to Yah! He will help you to be prepared physically & spiritually for what lies ahead … You will know how to be ready.


 יהוה:  Yahuah, Yahweh and Yahuweh are renderings of the Hebrew Name of the Father commonly called The LORD in English.

Yahusha, Yeshua, Yahushua, Yehoshua  are renderings of the Hebrew Name of the Son of Elohim [God] commonly called Jesus in English.


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